Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pool Party Fun

We had 2 pool parties to go to this past weekend ... so Madison was a busy girl! She absolutely LOVES the water ... I think she would stay in the pool all day if we let her!

Ready to go!

Testing out TJ's wheels :)

She was facinated by the waterfalls

Unwrapping gifts that were NOT hers ... with a mouth full of goldfish!

Her new little friend, Landry (the birthday girl)

Kiddo table!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Father's Day etc.

Little Miss Priss sure is entertaining us this summer .... We are usually busy swimming, either at swim lessons or at the neighborhood pool. I think we have a little fish on our hands ... she LOVES the water!

Oh yes .... and we now have "bangs"! Sadly, she rips 90% of any bows, clips etc out of her hair if she finds them. I guess I got my time in dressing her up when she was itty-bitty! Her bangs were so uneven and long that I had to trim them . . . we won't even talk about how challenging that was!

Other news - Abby got adopted! It was very hard for me to give her up after 8 years, but I wouldn't forgive myself if something happened to Maddy. Anyway, we feel better knowing she is in a good home now . . .

For Father's Day we went to Victoria to visit Chad's family. Madison had fun with her little cousin Maverick :) I can't believe these little ones are almost 17 months old!!!

Waiting our turn for lessons!

Showing off my 4th swimsuit of the season ....

I LOVE to brush my teeth!

Chillin out with Mav

Miss Priss in her favorite chair

Daddy practicing for the future .... ha.

Playing with Mav's hair .... what fun!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

16 1/2 months

Miss Madison definately has her own personality! She seems to teach herself new tricks everyday! We are very proud of her for graduating from the "Baby Ducks" Swim Class this past Saturday. She earned her first swimming ribbon! We are now in the "Baby Fins" class twice a week, so we'll be busy this summer!!!

Other news ...

- Thank you to all who voted for Madison in the "cute kid" Houston Chronicle contest. She came in 1st runner up, missing by one vote :( (so whoever didn't vote, shame on you - JK JK)! We are very proud of her!

-we finally finished the whole selection process for our house and had the final mtg with the construction mgr., so hopefully they'll break ground in July!!! It seems like a LONG way until December . . . but Maddy sure is having fun taking apart Mimi and Grandad's house on a daily basis, LOL!

-We said good-bye to Abby :( On Saturday, we put Abby up for adoption .... she has snapped at Madison one too many times :( Hopefully they will find her a good home with NO children!

See all my pretty white teeth!

Miss Priss

I love my sunglasses!

I love my chair .... and my daddy!!!

Happy 31st Birthday!

I love sleeping in mommy's bed!

I like to turn upside down and play peak-a-boo!

My new waterfall ... time to cut some bangs I think...

I love mommy's sunglasses :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

16 months old

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend ... it was a HOT one for sure! We traveled to Ft. Worth for my cousins graduation and spent some time with the Miller family. Madison did great on the trip and even made a friend her age :) Here's a few pics from this past month.

Also, we went for Madison's check-up today! She turns 16 months old tomorrow - unreal !!! Of course ... she's perfectly healthy and weighs 26 pounds and is 33 1/2" long. She's off the charts for that one and they predict that she'll be around 5' 10" when she grows up!

New things that happened this month ....

- likes to bend over and stand on her head!

- learned to CRAWL! (started walking at 13 months but never had any interest at all in crawling ... all the sudden 2 days ago ... off she went across the living room floor!

- new favorite table food = watermelon!

- thinks it's funny to drop food over the ledge of her highchair and feed Abby (yes, Abby is still with us ... any takers?) jk

- can now climb stairs - UGH! I found her on the 2nd step of Mimi's stairs :(

Playing on great-grandpa Paul's driveway

Sleeping on the couch with daddy @ Aunt Katy's house .... worn out from all that playing!

Off to shop with my favorite little purse!

My new friend ... notice we both have minor head injuries from trying to hug eachother and fell over on the kitchen floor :( oops.

I like to comb my OWN hair, thank you.

We need stock in diapers.... although, we don't like Huggies anymore, Pampers please!

Silly girl

My new favoirite chair at Mimi's house - just my size!