Tuesday, September 28, 2010

House Progress Sept

Getting Closer...

Almost 20 months old!

Our little cupcake is growing WAY too fast :( I cannot believe it's been almost 20 months. Madison has developed such a sweet and funny personality, literally within the last few weeks. She is a smart little sucker ... she watches every move we make and copies us (guess we better be careful!) Even though she can't talk yet, she can definately communicate with us!

Krystal and Tristan came down last week to visit. We definatley had a house FULL of people. It was cute to see the kids interact with eachother ... besides the whole "sharing" concept, they did pretty well :) Unfortunately, we all got the stomach bug for 2 days ... but besides that, we had a great time. We're looking forward to seeing them again at Christmas :)

Mimi had a birthday on the 24th .... and yes, she turned 60! She was a little upset we put her age on the cake ... but I think it was a compliment since she doesn't look near 60! Anyway, we had fun celebrating and the kids sure enjoyed unwrapping her presents :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Getting closer....

The house is coming along ... FINALLY .... still hoping for it to be finished in November!

19 months old

I have come to the conclusion that we need a 3 day weekend EVERY week!!! Pretty much we stayed around the house ... went shopping ... out to eat ... all the things we do best :) We didn't want to get Madison out too much since she is finally recovering from a 2 week sinus infection :( She's almost 100% back to her normal jolly self :) She turned 19 months old on September 3rd and weighs almost 27 pounds! Here's a few pics from the last month. We are looking forward to seeing Krystal and Tristan, as they are coming to visit for 10 days in a couple weeks!

Feeding daddy instead of baby

Miss dare-devil herself

We love taking baby on stroller rides around the house

Taking a minute to read the paper ... upside down...

A mouth full of teeth!

Trying out my new back-pack for MDO!

A new addition to the Penley family ... baby Micah :)

We love great-grandads pocket full of goodies!

My new trick - I can now be on elevator duty...