Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas with Gammy

This poor child is only having about 4 separate Christmas celebrations this year. Gammy (Chad's mom) came down this past weekend to start off the season! After the total excitment of tissue paper, tags and tape ... it was fun to see her expressions opening gifts. Here's a few pics of Miss Spoiled herself ...

Farmer Maddy showing off her teeeeeth

Ready for Santa!

Giving poor neglected Abby a belly rub!

That's my girl ... going for the Coach bag first!!! lol

Snack time, what I do best.

My new Princess Wheels!!!

Reading all my new books from Gammy

My new pink fluffy bunny chair to read in!

Clapping my hands for daddy

Dressed up to go to a Christmas Concert ... which I got an A+ !!! (I think she thought it was a jumbo big screen live TV with music and dancers!)

My new Christmas outfit from Great Granny

Maddy's first "craft" LOL ... handprints aren't as easy as one may think with a 10 month old .... Thanks Aunt Elaine!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cold Finally

Yea for cold weather! As you can imagine, all of our new warm furry clothes have been sitting in the closet for quite awhile :( We finally had a cold front move in .... which makes it seem more like the holidays :) Madison turned 10 months old this past week and is still doing more "new" things everyday! She has finally learned how to CLAP her tiny little hands together .... of course, only when she wants to.... She's rolling all over the place and standing up and holding onto short tables etc. and laughs like crazy! On the other hand, she's learned how to express herself when she's frustrated by growling and getting stiff or shaking her head "no" when she's done eating. She's like a little person all the sudden! We can now feel her two front top teeth in the middle coming in ... and can really feel it when she's teething on our shoulder :( LOL. Hope everyone is doing well and we can't wait for Christmas!!!

All warm and cozy!

I love turning the pages in my books... over and over....

A new toy ... ugh oh.

Giving love to Mimi and Grandad ... out to eat!

YES ... there ARE snow flurries in the background ...other parts of Houston got much much more than we did, but .... Madison had to experience her first snow!

All my books ... Mimi is determined to have me reading asap!

Ready for Christmas

Plump and happy.

Trying to eat the ornaments, again.

Naked and happy.