Monday, September 26, 2011

Couple more pics from Sept...

September Fun

This month has flown by! I can't believe it's almost October ... it doesn't seem like it because it's so freaking HOT :( We are definately ready for cooler weather! Madison and Tristan have been spending a lot of time together ... she has "toughened up" a lot! It's good they have eachother to play with since they're so close in age. Mimi had a birthday last weekend! Madison was most excited about the cake & tissue paper, go figure :) Her new outdoor fun is riding her bike. We have to go at least once around the block EVERY time we get out of the car after pulling into the garage ... and she MUST wear her sunglasses, whether it's sunny or dark out LOL! Here's a few pics from the last month...

What's wrong with this picture?

Growing ... 26 weeks

I feel like I could POP already ... but Maddox has at least 13-14 more weeks to go! He is moving and kicking like crazy all day long, which is neat to feel this time around :) Things are going pretty well, as Madison keeps me super busy. I enjoy my breaks on Monday / Wednesdays for sure while she's at MDO :) The nursery is almost complete ... we are just waitig on the crib to arrive either this week or next. Time is starting to fly by - fast - kinda scary, ha!