Monday, August 9, 2010

Madison 18 months

18 Months Old !!!

Our little chef...

Lounging in my new princess couch / bed that Mimi got me!

Eating Sun Chips ... just like daddy loves. We're into eating more and more "adult" food these days ... and don't dare chop it up into little pieces either!

Nap time

WATER ... my favorite thing on earth to play with!
Getting ready for bed

House Progress ...

We're a few steps closer from being homeless :) Literally, within 2 weeks our slab was poured and framing was up! Hopefully, we'll close by Thanksgiving!!!

Back to School ...

Summer is coming to an end ... well, not the heat ... just our time! In a week or so I will start teaching a 4 year old Pre-K class at at private preschool and Madison will be going to Mother's Day out at a church! It's time for mommy to get out of the house and time for Madison to expand her little social life :-) She's already been to MDO a couple days in July and LOVED it ... which makes mommy feel much better about the whole situation! Here's a few pics of my classroom ...

Miss Priss ready for school!