Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Almost 18 Months ...

I can't believe Maddy is almost 18 months old! She is running everywhere and trying to talk so hard ... too cute! She experienced her first trip to the Lake this past weekend and had so much fun! She wasn't too thrilled about the life jacket, but sure liked the boat rides! We enjoyed jet skiing, tubing and hanging out with relatives. There are too many pics to put on here, so you can look at them on the Facebook album at http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=36714&id=1611816295&l=85a5262c9e

I wonder how long her little ringlets will last ...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sick Little Girl

Madison had her first "really bad" sickness this past week :( Friday she got a fever and then threw up all over Mimi's kitchen floor .... it was downhill from there. She literally did not eat or drink from Friday to Sunday, therefore, we ended up in an Urgent Care ER early Sunday morning because she was so life-less, had fever up to 104 and was dehydrated. Naturally, this was a general ER and not pediatric specialist ... so we weren't too thrilled with them. They tried to give her an IV of fluids, but didn't succeed since they couldn't find her tiny veins. I think we all cried together - such a sad sight :( She didn't understand what they were doing to her or why she felt so bad. We ended up going home with an antibiotic that finally kicked in Sunday night. She slowly started eating and her fever broke Monday (5 days later). She is slowly getting back to her normal self .... thank goodness, since we're headed out of town to the lake this weekend!

Other news ... they FINALLY, let me repeat ... FINALLY broke ground on our house!!! Our projected finish date is now close to Thanksgiving, weather permitting :-)

Friday, July 9, 2010

17 months old

Madison turned 17 months old on July 3rd! Her little personality is developing more and more everyday. She babbles and tries so hard to talk non-stop and uses her hands to emphasize what she's saying all the time.... it's SO cute! We are still doing well in swimming and are going twice a week for another month or so. Other news, mommy accepted a teaching job at Abercrombie Academy (a private preschool) teaching 4 year olds. I wanted to enroll Madison in a Mother's Day Out church program this fall anyway, so it worked out perfectly since I will only be teaching from 9-1 daily. She is so close to talking, so I think this will help her out greatly :-) Anyway, we are busy enjoying the rest of our summer while we can!!!

Playing with my new kitchen Mimi got for her house

Madison is obsessed with the refrigerator!

Someone pulled grandad's underware out of the dryer and had a party!


She's also obsessed with yard-sticks...???....

July 4th Fun

Our little sparkler dressed up all week for the 4th of July holiday! Too bad it was nasty and rainy ALL week ... but we managed to have some fun. Hope everyone had a great holiday :)

Our little girl ... one year ago!
Get this thing OFF my head!

Pooped out!

Mimi and Maddy

Playing peek-a-boo with Daddy

Talking on my phone and playing with my new kitched @ Mimi's house.

Daddy and Maddy

Miss Priss

Mommy and her princess

Silly girl

Showing my teeth .... because there's something on my head!