Friday, July 9, 2010

17 months old

Madison turned 17 months old on July 3rd! Her little personality is developing more and more everyday. She babbles and tries so hard to talk non-stop and uses her hands to emphasize what she's saying all the time.... it's SO cute! We are still doing well in swimming and are going twice a week for another month or so. Other news, mommy accepted a teaching job at Abercrombie Academy (a private preschool) teaching 4 year olds. I wanted to enroll Madison in a Mother's Day Out church program this fall anyway, so it worked out perfectly since I will only be teaching from 9-1 daily. She is so close to talking, so I think this will help her out greatly :-) Anyway, we are busy enjoying the rest of our summer while we can!!!

Playing with my new kitchen Mimi got for her house

Madison is obsessed with the refrigerator!

Someone pulled grandad's underware out of the dryer and had a party!


She's also obsessed with yard-sticks...???....

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