Sunday, December 30, 2007

Basketball Game

Talk about sacrifice ... JK. I was a good wife and got Chad a pair of basketball tickets since the Houston Rockets were playing the Detroit pistons the weekend of Christmas. Naturally, we lost ... but it was cool to check out their stadium etc up here ... I have to say the Toyota Center is much better in H-town :-)

Greenville Village

We ventured out to see some lights in Greenville Village about 30 minutes away in MI one weekend. This is where the original Henry Ford museum is. It's huge ... it has original houses and his original methods of transportation spread out over an area as big as a college campus. We froze most of the time ... so we only made it around through some of it. Here are some pics...

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Our new "temporary home"

Our Apartment in Michigan ...

the road trip

Chad & I & Abby took the big trip up north 1 week before Christmas in a blizzard ... 30 LOVELY hours from Texas. We have settled in (somewhat) in the great state of Michigan and working about 30 minutes away in Ohio. Let's just say a big moving truck ... pulling our truck ... plus rain ... plus ice ... plus wind doesn't mix too well. I know we were apart for like 6 months and had a lot to talk about - but I think we almost killed eachother the last 10 hours. Hell, I get cranky driving 4 hours from Houston to Dallas! Abby definately gets the "good traveler" award this time! It's been a big adjustment leaving 90 degree weather to snow and wind ... but a white Christmas was nice for once :) Abby is now an official snow dog :-)

To keep me awake ... the highlight of this adventure was taking pics of all the ten thousand states we passed through ....

Our first SNOW !!!!!