Saturday, December 29, 2007

the road trip

Chad & I & Abby took the big trip up north 1 week before Christmas in a blizzard ... 30 LOVELY hours from Texas. We have settled in (somewhat) in the great state of Michigan and working about 30 minutes away in Ohio. Let's just say a big moving truck ... pulling our truck ... plus rain ... plus ice ... plus wind doesn't mix too well. I know we were apart for like 6 months and had a lot to talk about - but I think we almost killed eachother the last 10 hours. Hell, I get cranky driving 4 hours from Houston to Dallas! Abby definately gets the "good traveler" award this time! It's been a big adjustment leaving 90 degree weather to snow and wind ... but a white Christmas was nice for once :) Abby is now an official snow dog :-)

To keep me awake ... the highlight of this adventure was taking pics of all the ten thousand states we passed through ....

Our first SNOW !!!!!

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