Thursday, January 28, 2010

1 week until the BIG #1

One week and counting ... our little ham got her first mini-haircut .... just her bangs were in her eyes and outta control! (Side note - I don't think mommy will attempt this again). Maddy loves to stand up and jump and hold on to anything in her reach ... you can tell she wants to walk SO bad ... and is getting closer and closer ...

This bib is in honor of Daddy ... who LOVES ketchup!

See, proof I CAN hold my own bottle ... I just choose not to :-)


Helping unload the dishwasher

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Round One - Birthday Fun!

We went to Victoria this last weekend to have Madison's 1st Birthday pictures taken! We will post the website as soon as they become available :) She did wonderful ... given we made her change clothes 3 times.... Also, her cousin Maverick was in town to also celebrate his 1st birthday early too with the great-grandparents (they are 4 days apart). We are looking forward to a couple more parties in the next couple weeks for our little princess!!!

Maddy and Cousin Maverick

Hmmmm....I thought I told you people I don't like to get dirty!

Sticky stuff! Someone please wash my hands!!!

Getting ready for my pre-birthday cupcake

Maddy and her UT bear ... thanks Uncle David, ugh

Sharing toys with cousin Maverick

Daddy and the Princess

Friday, January 22, 2010

Poor Abby

She was in this position for 48 hours straight :(

Her 4 " scar :(

POOR ABBY has had a rough last couple weeks. She experienced something most humans don't even want to think about ... kidney stones! She's had bladder infections in the past and taken antibiotics for it in the past, therefore that's what I thought I would go home with when I took her into the vet on Monday. Apparently, after x-rays and an ultra-sound, the vet discovered she had a kidney stone wedged in her urethra so that no urine could come out at all. The vet wanted to give her local anesthesia to get a cathatder to drain out the urine, remove the stone and observe her overnight. By the time I got home, the vet called me and said while she was getting ready for her procedure her bladder ruptured into her abdomen and she would need emergency surgery :( I was in total shock .... I just wanted her to be ok and not in pain ... regardless of the $$$ signs floating in the air! Long story short ... she is home and ok. Still on pain meds and moving very slowly. She is expected to have a full recovery and Maddy is glad to see her tail is wagging again!!! What a day ... or week!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

11 1/2 months ... almost a year!!!

I am in complete denial that my little baby girl is going to be a year old in a couple weeks Time has definately gone by way TOO fast, yet it's been amazing to see such a sweet baby turn into a precious little girl with such an outgoing personality. Madison has a total of 5 teeth, which she's putting to good use chomping down on her new favorite foods .... Cherrios, cheese, beans and yougurt .... or anything you offer her. She LOVES to stand up and jump up and down and laugh ... and has even pulled herself up into standing position by herself a few times. Her new trick is clapping on demand .... anytime she hears us say "clap clap clap". Anyway, we are looking forward to another wonderful year with our little doll. Here's a few pics from January ...

Somehow, I still fit in my Bumbo chair....

I never knew tupperware could be so much fun
Playing with my Christmas toys!


My new pink shiny birthday shoes!

OK - I know that it's only January ... but I found this adorable swimsuit ... so we're just going to be super prepared for summer fun!

So now my favorite thing is to take apart my foam ABC play mat ... over and over and over.....


Mommy can't figure out what to do with your hair... it's straight and smooth in the front and out of control in the back... and growing FAST!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas In MO

Our last Christmas / New Years Eve celebration was in MO. Madison did great in the car ... for such a long drive! We were glad to get to see snow too! It was great seeing all of the Miller side of the family since it's rare we all are able to meet up at the same time. It was Madison's first time to meet a lot of relatives. I haven't been to Branson since I was about 3 or 4 years old, so it was neat to tour the town again. Although a lot of places were closed for the season, we were able to see a show, tour the Titanic and shop around etc ... what we do best! Hope everyone had a safe and fun New Years ... we're looking forward to 2010 :-)

Snow outside our condo patio!


Daddy taking a break from driving ... napping with Maddy

Bundled up

Silly girl...

The three of "US"

Grandad and Maddy

Bundled up and ready to shop!!!

My cousin Nathan, Chad and Dad .... don't ask. LOL

More snow

Pretty Girl

Aunt Elaine, Mimi, Mommy and Maddy

My cousin Nathan .... touring the Titanic

Happy New Year .... I made it till 11pm! Oh, how our schedule is so messed up .. haha

Maddy's first snowman

What I do best ... standing up ... ready to walk any day....

The Titanic

Christmas In Houston

Madison celebrated another round of Christmas in Houston .... I would say she had a wonderful "Baby's First Christmas" for sure! After 8 hours of unwrapping all 99 of her presents between, eating, naps and playing she was exhausted! Santa was very good to her ... as she deserved :) Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

Eating the cookies she left for Santa .... ha

All my stocking goodies

New toys!

Day after Christmas ... ready to hit the sales!