Friday, January 22, 2010

Poor Abby

She was in this position for 48 hours straight :(

Her 4 " scar :(

POOR ABBY has had a rough last couple weeks. She experienced something most humans don't even want to think about ... kidney stones! She's had bladder infections in the past and taken antibiotics for it in the past, therefore that's what I thought I would go home with when I took her into the vet on Monday. Apparently, after x-rays and an ultra-sound, the vet discovered she had a kidney stone wedged in her urethra so that no urine could come out at all. The vet wanted to give her local anesthesia to get a cathatder to drain out the urine, remove the stone and observe her overnight. By the time I got home, the vet called me and said while she was getting ready for her procedure her bladder ruptured into her abdomen and she would need emergency surgery :( I was in total shock .... I just wanted her to be ok and not in pain ... regardless of the $$$ signs floating in the air! Long story short ... she is home and ok. Still on pain meds and moving very slowly. She is expected to have a full recovery and Maddy is glad to see her tail is wagging again!!! What a day ... or week!

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RamosFamilyBlog said...

Poor Abby! I'm so glad she's okay :-)