Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mommy's 30th Birthday

Mommy is O-L-D now :( I sure don't feel 30, but am looking forward to the next 10 years before I hit 40 ( I can't even imagine that right now)! Anyway, we had a great birthday dinner and am looking forward to the future :)

Our little cowgirl had a great time at the rodeo this year! She loves her books / puzzles at home with farm animals in it and knows all the sounds each one makes ... so to see real animals really thrilled her :) She did well, except she thought the rabbits were kittys and kept saying "meow"! LOL Overall she did really well and lasted 5 hours!!! Maybe next year she can do some of itty-bitty rides at the carnival :)

Ticket in hand ... ready to roll !

Waiting to leave!

Upset because she couldn't go grab Mr. Cow

Grandad and his girly-girl

Petting Zoo Fun

We realllllllly wanted to climb over and catch those little things!


Cow Land

Stinky Fun

Grandad trying to make me pet him

Giving them a little butt massage :)

Yes, we are into climbing.....

.... and into pulling up our shirt ....

Watching a camel ride

Doing a puzzle with great-grandad


St. Patricks Day

Our little Irish girl .... 25 months old

Monday, March 14, 2011

Backyard fun!

Yea for Spring Break! Mommy and Madison definately need a break and are enjoying a relaxing week. Madison is getting over a bad sinus and ear infection, but getting better everyday :) Daddy bought his little princess a new playset for the backyard. She would stay outside ALL day if she had it her way, no kidding! We plan to have play-dates, shop and go to the rodeo later this week! How many more days until May 26th? jk

We LOVE the swing!

The finished product .... 25 hours later, no kidding. There's a tire swing on the back for when little Miss is bigger.



Having a little drink break.

We like to tell people where to sit ....

Trying to figure out why this slide isn't working on the ground :(
Let the work begin ....

It's almost RODEO time!

Little Miss Priss is getting ready for the rodeo. We're planning on going at the end of this week! Madison is obsessed with animals ... so I'm sure she'll enjoy the livestock show!