Saturday, November 28, 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas!

Well ... after Thanksgiving ... we had to immediately get ready for Christmas, right? (although our house has been decorated for C-mas since Halloween, ha!) Madison did great with her first visit with Santa! whew! As you can see below, she loves getting in her walker and scooting right on over to all our decorations to see what she can get her tiny little hands on! We can't wait for Christmas to get here!!!

How far can I reach????

Shhhh, I only want one ornament!

My first pink and silver Christmas tree in my room!

Maddy and Mr. Snowman

At Mimi's house!

Getting ready to see Santa!

10 months old / Thanksgiving

Our little turkey is still growing and getting sweeter everyday! She'll be 10 months old this week ... sniff sniff... She's enjoying eating table food along with us at the dinner table, that's for sure! We're still holding out hope that she'll decide NOT to skip the crawling phase ... but she's more interested in standing up all the time and holding on to the coffee table! It's hallarious to hear her conduct a conversation for a good 5 mins..... jabber jabber jabber! If only we knew what she was saying! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Ready for turkey!

The fam ...


Gammy time!

Yes ... I still have ROLLS ROLLS ROLLS!

Time to wake up!

Squeaky clean!

First cold front!


Miss Thang

Ready to eat!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chicago Trip - Oprah

We just returned from Chicago ... it was a quick trip - but worth it and nice to get out of town! My wonderful husband somehow got us tickets to the Oprah show ... but I don't think reality hit him until later that he would have to attend with me - hahaha, JK! It was an amazing experience. She walked into the studio about 5 feet from me and talked with the audience afterwards for about 20 mins. She's definately a very nice and laid-back woman in real life! On the negative side (from Chad's point of view...) we didn't walk away with a free car or vacation to Hawaii :( The show topic was on addictions and doesn't have an air date yet. Anyway, we also did some quick sight-seeing before we had to leave...

Macy's.... 9 stories tall .... where we spent most of the day shopping!!!

They have already decorated for Christmas. It reminded me of the Macy's in NYC :)

Our little girl is famous, yet again ...

And again ....

Bricks that surrounded Wrigley Field

At our hotel .... I've never been put together this early in the morning in a really long time!

Audience Entrance

Main Studio Building

Oprah ... posing, just for me! ha

Yes, it's still dark outside ...

Madison's O-Baby sweatsuit we bought her!
Chad ... @ hotel

9 months old!

My little munchkin is 9 months old ... sniff sniff! Actually, it's really a neat time ... she is starting to hold her hands out and love (or hug) me. On the other hand, she isn't too happy if she sees me walk out of the room or wherever she is. Thankfully, she is sleeping much better at night, for the most part. She's finally getting over her 1st cold. Her doctor said she's "perfect" .... 21 1/2 pounds, eating and developing wonderfully! Both of her 2 front bottom teeth are almost half-way in already! Her new word has moved from ma-ma and da-da to ba-ba-ba at the moment. Anyway, we are looking forward to the coming holidays and will definately enjoy her "1st Christmas and Thanksgiving!"