Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Happy Halloween! Our little ladybug dressed up ... mainly "just-because"! I think next year she'll have a lot more fun and actually enjoy trick-or-treating :) We attempted to go to our church fall festival ... but since there were 5 million + people we pretty much just walked around. Madison was thoroughly entertained watching all the kiddos run around and seeing all the rides etc. Here's a few pics from the last week ....

Our Ladybug Princess

Mmmmmm M&M's

"cool" ladybug

Attempted family pic ...

Mimi and Maddy


My itty bitty pumpkin

Daddy time

One tired pumpkin

Mommy and Maddy

Silly Skeleton

Ready for bed!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween School Parties

Madison had her Halloween class party for Mother's Day Out on Thursday. Let's just say she was NOT thrilled to be dressed up .... I think she was ok with the dress after awhile ... but not liking the hat, ha. They were all just tooooo-cute!

Snack time!

Once again ... not thrilled with the whole costume idea, ha.

Maddy and her buddy Landry

Here's my 4 year old munchkins (3 were absent) dressed up for our Halloween class party. Let's just say it was one wild day!

Finished House ... Moving Week!

Uhaul here we come ... finally!!! After 7 months ... we are finally moving! We are closing on the house on November 4th (this week) and are moving alllllll weekend long! Mimi and Grandad are ready to get their house "back" (that is - minus all of the Penley crap!) We plan on painting the day before we move in (Maddy's room 2-tone PINK, the dining room (bottom half of chair rail) dark red, our bedroom silver and the powder room .... something...). Also, we are having an extended patio installed in the backyard and will have to landscape soon (that item will not be on "my" to-do list, ha). However, I will be decorating for Christmas ASAP. I feel like it's so much work that you might as well have it up for a couple months to make it count! Here's a few pics taken in the past couple days...

I will be mailing out postcards to everyone on our mailing list, but our new address will be: 5923 Beeston Hall Court, Spring, TX 77388

Kitchen (before the granite etc was cleaned)

Upstairs looking down into family room

Master Bath (minus mirror etc)

Entrance Floor

Upstairs Gameroom

Family room

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

Today was such a beautiful day .... finally! It was a perfect morning to take Madison to the Pumpkin Patch ... nice and cool and NOT crowded for once :) Pretty much, we chased her and got what decent pictures we could. She definately LOVES the outdoors!



We love to give HUGS now :)

Profile Perfect

Resting with Mr.Scarecrow

This is heavy!
Miss Dare-devil

Just daddy and his girl taking a stroll

Trying to hug Mr.Turkey

Yeah, impossible to get a decent pic of the 3 of us :(

Turkey Time

Clap clap clap

Sharing the hay


Mr. Spider

She was more excited about the goat than anything for sure!

Famous Fish Lips

Mimi and Maddy