Friday, August 21, 2009

6 1/2 months and on the move!

This has been the most productive month ever for little Madison! She is eating 3 meals a day (baby food - and loving it), sitting up, moving in her walker, sitting in a high-chair, trying to roll over and who knows what's next! She falls asleep a lot faster (sometimes on her own) than before (but holds on to my face with one hand - I guess to make sure I'm still there(?) until she falls asleep). Madison has even said "ma-ma" (not that she knows what that means ... but I'm still excited!) She's such a sweetie :-)

Play time!
Yes, we have officially transformed our house into "baby-land"

SO proud ... I can sit UP!

My first experience with prunes...

... on the move ....

My record is almost 5 minutes sitting UP!!!

Maddy and Great-grandpa Norris having fun!

ready to roll....
Oh, and I can READ TOO already!!!
My favorite "duck" book
Daddy reading me a story
Concentrating ....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

6 months and g-r-o-w-i-n-g .....

My little princess surprised us all the other day and can now sit up! I think she surprised herself :) She still tips over if she gets excited or distracted ... but is getting stronger everyday! Our newest toy is the walker!!! Madison LOVES playing in it ... but can only go in reverse, so far. It's been a very productive summer!

Sitting UP UP UP!!!

Look at me GO GO GO!!!

I'm a pro at going to restaurants and eating that yummy baby food!

I can help hold that bottle for ya!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Dr. Visit....

Well we went to the doctor yesterday and my "big - little" girl is an ounce away from 19 pounds! WOW! She is 27 inches long and her head is 17 1/4 inches around. The doctor said she is "perfect" for her weight to height ratio. We won't mention how the "shots" went ... I think mommy almost cried :( ... but I know they're important. We're still working on almost sitting up by herself and she rolled over from front to back the other day ... Miss Lazy's not really interested in the idea, but it can be done, ha. I talked to her doctor about still getting up twice a night and she said Madison's not filling up enough with baby food during the day, so she probably is hungry at night. SO, now she gladly eats 3 baby food meals a day and what-do-ya-know.... the past 2 nights my little angel has slept from 8:30 PM to 5:00 AM - WOOOOO HOOOOOOO - MAGIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've only been waiting for this for 6 months! Overall she's doing wonderful and is also now enjoying her new big-girl carseat :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

6 months old !!!

I can't believe Madison is already a 1/2 year old :( I literally feel like I just had her! She has developed such a sweet personality and gets better and better each and everyday! Milk wasn't satisifying her little belly... so she was excited to start eating some rice cereal and baby food - YUM! I haven't found anything she doesn't like yet. We go to the doctor for the "6 month" checkup this week. She is getting close to sitting up by herself and is making lots of new sounds and noises everyday (she knows what she's saying I guess)! Now .... if she would just sleep through the night - ughhhhhhh!!!!!! According to our scales at home she's probably around 17 - 18 pounds and 27 - 28" long!

yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy my new highchair....

yum yum yum.....don't think we have a picky eater by any means....


On the way to Abilene, we stopped in Waco to show Madison Baylor Universtiy (where mommy went to college!) I tried to pre-enroll her but daddy wouldn't let me :(

Bear (1 of the 2) in the bear pit

... then, to be fair ... we stopped at Hardin Simmons in Abilene (where Mimi and Grandpa Jim went to college 100 years ago)!

Wedding Fun!!!

My cousin Laura got married on July 25! She was a beautiful bride :) We made a 7 hour road trip up by Abilene, TX and thankfully, Madison did great. She's becoming a good little traveler! (thank God for car DVD players!) Anyway, it was fun for Madison to meet the "Miller" side of the family for the first time!
Maddy and her new luggage!

Laura (bride) @ reception

Uncle Phil and Maddy

Great Grandpa Paul, Cousin Stephen & wife Courtney

This is how we do bath-time in hotels!

Dressed up and ready to roll....

Great Grandpa Paul and Madison

Sleeping with daddy before wedding

"wedding material"

Grandpa Jim!

Daddy and Maddy

Laura & Katrina (bridal luncheon)

Mommy and Madison

The bride getting ready

Aunt Katy

Aunt Elaine and Madison!

Nap time .... must be nice!