Sunday, April 25, 2010

100% Mobile

Our little cupcake is 100% mobile ... which is super exciting & super stressful all at the same time. She's been walking (or running) around for a few weeks now but never had enough upper body strength to get up from a sitting position to a standing position. At swim lessons, they are teaching her to pull herself up and hold on to the side of the wall and eventaully pull herself out of the water, so I think that's helped her alot. So, today she wanted up and got on "all fours" and stuck her little butt up in the air and managed to stand up! Oh ... how our life has changed! There's a little video below of her trying to stand up :)

.... and after she stands up .... she always CLAPS for herself !!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

14 1/2 months old

Time is flying by ... Madison is busy running around everywhere, usually chasing Abby. She is definately a litte smarty! It's amazing how she can make so many associations already. She loves to ...
-take the remote control and hold it up to the TV
-take Abby's leash and hold it up to her head
-take Abby's play bone pillow and give it to her
-pick up mommy's flip-flops one at a time and put them on each foot
-take her pink comb and try and brush her own hair
-she even took a pen Mimi was writing with and put it to a piece of paper ... majorly GT lol !!!

Some ANNOYING new things ...
-picking up Abby's food and water bowl and dumping it over
-pushing all the buttons she can find on the TV
(we don't know the word "no" yet b/c when I say it she laughs so hard!) oh well.

We are still having fun at swim lessons every week, so we signed up for the entire summer to go twice a week. She LOVES her teacher and has come so far already! We love jumping in and going underwater ... and still flirting with our little "boy" classmates!

We are getting ready to see Aunt Krystal and Cousin Tristan next week for his 1st birthday :) The babies are having their pictures taken together (that should be interesting) so I'll post pics later. Hope everyone is doing well !!!

We are happy in orange!

Destroying mommy's closet

Chubby cheeks

Rest stop = Snack time!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

14 months and 2nd Easter

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! This was Madison's 2nd Easter ... she was much more MOBILE this year!!! Unfortunately, Easter morning, her first molar tooth decided to start coming in :( Her lower gums were so swollen - poor thing was miserable, but that didn't slow her down much! We went to church, had a great lunch and then she had her second round of Easter fun. Maybe next year she can actually look for eggs!

Maddy ... ONE year ago!!!

Workin up a sweat walking everywhere!

Digging for all my Easter treats!

Look at all my new things!

Little Miss Priss ...

She loves it outside!

US :-)

Daddy and Maddy @ church

Mimi and Maddy

Silly Girl

We have to stop and clap every now and then ...
I am NOT impressed with the hat!

Mr. Easter Bunny

We liked him so much ... we visited a second bunny!

These eggs look fun...

Sorting carrots that we left out for Mr. Bunny

Happy Girl

Doing a little shopping

EGGstra Cute!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

14 months old!

Our "Big" little princess is already 14 months old! This woman is WALKING (or running) everywhere she can!!! Poor Abby tries to hide from her as much as possible, ha! It's odd for both of us to "walk" into the house when we get home, but definately amazing how fast they learn after the first few steps! She still has NO interest in crawling either! We don't go back to the doctor until 15 months, but she's 26.6 pounds (according to our home scale) and 28" tall ! She's our little sunshine!


Miss Fashion Statement Herself

Big enough to stand next to my lamb to be measured ... but not patient enough to stand still for the pic .... oh well :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter ... Round 1

Last weekend we went to Victoria to celebrate Easter early with Chad's family. Madison and Maverick got to see eachother and play ... well, kind of - ha! It was good to see everyone!

Enjoying the beautiful weather!!!

Trying on bunny ears at the mall !

Madison loves DOGS!!!

Madison and little Maverick ... we all know how she loves EARS...

Easter basket goodies!

So happy!

Daddy and Maddy