Sunday, April 25, 2010

100% Mobile

Our little cupcake is 100% mobile ... which is super exciting & super stressful all at the same time. She's been walking (or running) around for a few weeks now but never had enough upper body strength to get up from a sitting position to a standing position. At swim lessons, they are teaching her to pull herself up and hold on to the side of the wall and eventaully pull herself out of the water, so I think that's helped her alot. So, today she wanted up and got on "all fours" and stuck her little butt up in the air and managed to stand up! Oh ... how our life has changed! There's a little video below of her trying to stand up :)

.... and after she stands up .... she always CLAPS for herself !!!

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RamosFamilyBlog said...

awww...YEA Maddy!!
Get ready mama!