Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cousin Visit!

Madison's cousin, Tristan, came down all the way from MA to visit and we celebrated his 1st Birthday! They are only 3 months apart. It was cute to see them interact and play ... too bad it only happens twice a year :( We certainly had a fun visit ... but it went by way too fast!

We did have the kids pictures taken while they were in town ... I will post some as soon as I get the CD. You can view some of them until May 29th at ... click on "proofing" and the password is "cousins"

I'm not sure about this blue icing . . .

We're learning how to "share" and we don't like it!


Aunt Krystal and Madison

Grandad and baby Tristan

Mimi and Tristan!

What a handsome birthday boy!!!

When we first met! Little people are too cute!

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