Sunday, May 9, 2010

15 months old !!!

Our little cupcake is already 15 1/2 months old! I can't get her into the doctor for her checkup until June 2nd (she's very popular - which is a good thing I guess!) She's close to 29 pounds from what my scale says! We are having more fun with her cute little personality - she's definately a girly girl - in and out!

Our other news is we have leased out our house! We are very sad to leave our first home ... and especially Madison's nursery ... but excited to start building our new home, which will be ready in late October! Madison was not happy about the "empty house" situation :(

I am 15 months old TODAY!!!

Cheeeeeseeee! We love pushing Mr. Lion

Pretty girl...

Daddy thought it'd be funny to take a picture of my "after nap" hair!

Our new obsession is picking up shoes and bringing them to us, over and over and over

Mother's Day!

Pretty in Pink ... getting ready for pictures with Tristan today.

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