Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Week 2010

Happy Valentine's Day ... or "week" ... we tend to celebrate longer than one day for most holidays! This was Madison's first "repeat" holiday. As you can see below ... she looks quite different than this time last year! It's amazing how fast a year goes by :( Anyway, we hope everyone had a great holiday!
2 weeks old this time last year!
... and look how big I am now!!!

Our little family

Laughing with daddy

There seems to be a tree for every holiday around this house ...

Daddy giving Maddy her very own Valentine's card before breakfast

This looks like a fun toy

Mimi and Maddy

Showing off my thighs and ruffle butt :)

My new Valentine's dress from Mimi

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

. . . ALMOST ON THE MOVE . . .

While Chad was watching the Superbowl ... Madison was keeping him busy trying to make laps around the room walking with him holding her fingers, over and over! All the sudden he was like "LOOK"!!! Maddy can now stand on her own and balance herself without holding on to anyone or anything! It almost scared her - she didn't know what to do after standing there for a min - poor thing, but it was funny :) She is so close to taking off . . . any day now!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Madison's 1st Birthday-House Party

Little Miss Priss finished off her 3rd and final party ... although I'm sure we'll continue to celebrate all month :) She is definately not neglected by any means ... she has more clothes than she can wear and more toys than our house can handle at the moment . . . but that's the way it's supposed to be :) We are so proud and blessed to have her and can't wait for another wonderful year to come!

About to eat my breakfast before the big party!

The "adult" cake!

Maddy's personal smash cake .... except she's not into smashing yet...

Big #1

Showing Gammy how I'm trying to learn to walk!

Gammy and Maddy

Ready to GO

Hmmm.... I wonder what I'm supposed to do with this?

This stuff doesn't taste too bad!

Yum Yum

Someone clean my hands!

My pretend apron for when I have my own little kitchen one day
Gift time!

Mommy and Maddy

My new walk or ride musical lion

All these gifts for ME???? sweet

Trying out my walker for Mimi's house

I've learned the command "hands up" !!!

Maddy 1 Year Old Prof Pics

Here are Madison's 1 year old professional pictures ... such a sweeeeeetie !!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

1st Birthday ... the REAL day

My sweet angel turned ONE today! It's hard to believe that one year ago I was 16 hours into labor waiting for her arrival. Time goes by way too fast :( We are really lucky to have such a sweetheart. (It also makes me reflect on how I haven't slept all night in a year up until a month ago ... and wonder how many diapers I've changed . . . LOL) Maddy went for her 1 year check-up at the doctor's office and is doing great overall :) Madison weighs 24. 6 pounds and is 31" long. She's in the 90 - 95 % in all areas. We are going to be working on transitioning to whole organic milk (finally!) and eventually to a sippy cup. Also, we are working on eating more and more table food rather than baby food. Our doctor is concerned that she may need some help on developing some more upper arm strength, as she is not crawling or pulling up on objects (like her crib or the couch). Hopefully the specialist we were referred to will give us some pointers on what exercises and activities to work on with her. On the other hand ... she is WAY more interested in walking. Maddy insist on doing laps around the house with us behind her holding her fingers while she walks... as she laughs! She looks as if she could take off any day now! Mommy and daddy are getting ready for her big birthday party on Saturday with family . . . more pics to come . . .

Birthday morning .... getting ready for my big day!
Once again people . . . I DO NOT like my hands dirty!
Me and my Cinderella Princess cake :)

Ready to walk . . . this is what we do over and over and over these days, lap after lap!
Oh boy - gifts .... it's all about the tissue paper!

I just love my new gifts!

. . . and new pajamas . . .

My little sweetie

This is the crawling position . . . yet I'm not going anywhere...

There were even presents on the front porch from Auntie Krystal & Cousin Tristan when we got home. We had just enough energy to open one more and saved the rest for Saturday!

I like this birthday cake ... my fingers don't get sticky and messy!!!