Sunday, March 29, 2009

2 months old !

We can't believe our little Maddy is already 2 months old on Tuesday the 31st! She has grown SO much (currently 10 pounds) and has really started to develop a sweet personality. She's pretty much happy unless she's tired, hungry or has gas :( The best thing that's happened lately for mommy is that she's finally sleeping by HERSELF for about 3 hours at a time for naps and at night. (And when I say "by herself" I mean not on top of mommy but right next to us!) Next, we'll be getting ready for the Easter Bunny in a couple of weeks!!!

More smiles ... when we can catch them!

Just had lunch = Happy!

Lookin' Cute

Nice & warm!

Look how long I'm getting in my 1st pair of blue-jeans!

Ready to go shopping with mommy!

In a good mood :)

Mimi taking care of me!

Mommy's Birthday

I am slowly creeping up on "30" but not quite there ... thank God, JK! Madison helped me celebrate my 28th birthday at Shogun restaurant (where they cook in front of you etc.) It was one of her first outings and she got an A+. She's in training to LOVE shopping and eating out! LOL I was just glad to get OUT of the house finally!!!

Cooking up some yummy shrimp etc.


Watching the cooking show :)

Forget the carseat ... she likes to be in on all the action!

A jewlery case that looks like a couch!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

6 Weeks Old

Madison is growing faster everyday! She is now 6 weeks old and weighs 9+ pounds ... we like her chunky! Just this week her vision has improved and she's focusing much more. She looks around and stares at the most exciting things ... like the ceiling fan for minutes at a time :) Below are a few pictures of her learning how to smile ... now we're waiting for the first laugh! Thank goodness she has her nights and days figured out (sleeping 3 hrs. at a time at night and staying awake more with little naps during the day). That warm milk puts her to sleep in about 5 seconds :)

Where do my hands go?

A little chilly today!

My FIRST big smile!!!

Grandma Debbie on double duty with Madison and cousin Maverick

Chad and Baby Maverick (only 4 days older than Madison)!

Getting my beauty sleep :)
All dressed up and nowhere to go :( Auntie Krystal gave me my first little dress!

Friday, March 6, 2009

2 Year Anniversary & 1 Month Old :)

As of March 10th we will have been married for 2 years already! It seems more like 10 in my opinion.... JK! Alot has happened in the past couple years ... got married, built a house, had a little baby princess, moved here and there (due to Chad's job), and went on a few exciting trips. Madison helped us celebrate this weekend since we can't really go many places yet with her. Last weekend, while Chad's mom was visiting, we took advantage of a chance to get out of the house and celebrated our anniversary early at the Taste of Texas restaurant ... YUM!!! Chad is still extremely frustrated that he never got a piece of our expensive wedding cake on our wedding day. I suppose we were busy taking pictures etc. Therefore, he had the cake shop re-make our wedding cake (just the top tier) so we could enjoy it. After I found out how much it cost ... we will definately be enjoying each and every crumb!!! LOL :)
Our Cake - YUM

Dinner @ The Taste of TX

Madison waiting for her dessert

Change my diaper for the 100th time!
I'm now 8 pounds 12 oz!
Getting my beauty sleep!