Sunday, March 29, 2009

2 months old !

We can't believe our little Maddy is already 2 months old on Tuesday the 31st! She has grown SO much (currently 10 pounds) and has really started to develop a sweet personality. She's pretty much happy unless she's tired, hungry or has gas :( The best thing that's happened lately for mommy is that she's finally sleeping by HERSELF for about 3 hours at a time for naps and at night. (And when I say "by herself" I mean not on top of mommy but right next to us!) Next, we'll be getting ready for the Easter Bunny in a couple of weeks!!!

More smiles ... when we can catch them!

Just had lunch = Happy!

Lookin' Cute

Nice & warm!

Look how long I'm getting in my 1st pair of blue-jeans!

Ready to go shopping with mommy!

In a good mood :)

Mimi taking care of me!

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