Monday, March 14, 2011

Backyard fun!

Yea for Spring Break! Mommy and Madison definately need a break and are enjoying a relaxing week. Madison is getting over a bad sinus and ear infection, but getting better everyday :) Daddy bought his little princess a new playset for the backyard. She would stay outside ALL day if she had it her way, no kidding! We plan to have play-dates, shop and go to the rodeo later this week! How many more days until May 26th? jk

We LOVE the swing!

The finished product .... 25 hours later, no kidding. There's a tire swing on the back for when little Miss is bigger.



Having a little drink break.

We like to tell people where to sit ....

Trying to figure out why this slide isn't working on the ground :(
Let the work begin ....

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