Saturday, March 26, 2011

Our little cowgirl had a great time at the rodeo this year! She loves her books / puzzles at home with farm animals in it and knows all the sounds each one makes ... so to see real animals really thrilled her :) She did well, except she thought the rabbits were kittys and kept saying "meow"! LOL Overall she did really well and lasted 5 hours!!! Maybe next year she can do some of itty-bitty rides at the carnival :)

Ticket in hand ... ready to roll !

Waiting to leave!

Upset because she couldn't go grab Mr. Cow

Grandad and his girly-girl

Petting Zoo Fun

We realllllllly wanted to climb over and catch those little things!


Cow Land

Stinky Fun

Grandad trying to make me pet him

Giving them a little butt massage :)

Yes, we are into climbing.....

.... and into pulling up our shirt ....

Watching a camel ride

Doing a puzzle with great-grandad


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