Monday, September 6, 2010

19 months old

I have come to the conclusion that we need a 3 day weekend EVERY week!!! Pretty much we stayed around the house ... went shopping ... out to eat ... all the things we do best :) We didn't want to get Madison out too much since she is finally recovering from a 2 week sinus infection :( She's almost 100% back to her normal jolly self :) She turned 19 months old on September 3rd and weighs almost 27 pounds! Here's a few pics from the last month. We are looking forward to seeing Krystal and Tristan, as they are coming to visit for 10 days in a couple weeks!

Feeding daddy instead of baby

Miss dare-devil herself

We love taking baby on stroller rides around the house

Taking a minute to read the paper ... upside down...

A mouth full of teeth!

Trying out my new back-pack for MDO!

A new addition to the Penley family ... baby Micah :)

We love great-grandads pocket full of goodies!

My new trick - I can now be on elevator duty...

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