Thursday, March 4, 2010

Outdoor Fun

First news ... little one decided she might try out the sippy cup finally! Last month she so kindly growled and pushed it away. Now that she's teething she chewed on the nipple and then realized that there was some yummy liquid inside. She carries it around like a souviner in her walker!

Then, the weather was SO nice that we ventured out to the park yesterday for the first time ever! Madison LOVED the swing!!! She just giggled and giggled! So, daddy bought her a new playground for our backyard today and we'll put it together this weekend .... poor child has NOTHING :) More pics to come ....

My new big-girl cup!
So fun! I need my sunglasses!

Soakin' it up!


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RamosFamilyBlog said...

awww.....SO cute! Her first swing experience, sniff, sniff! LOVE it! So adorable!!