Tuesday, March 2, 2010

13 Months Old!

Little Miss Priss is now 13 months old! She's so close to taking off walking across the room! She loves walking around the room (holding on to our fingers), transferring from object to object by herself and walking up and down the couch. She thinks is so funny to be mobile - she just laughs and laughs! She still has 6 little teeth, but is teething like crazy (like biting mommy's shoulder and legs!) so more are about to poke through anytime now. We are so excited that we start swim lessons in one more week! She is going to be a Baby Duck along with 3 other little Ducks. She loves the bathtub, so hopefully she'll love a heated pool just as well! All the sudden she's terrified of going through a carwash ... she had no problem the first 11 months of her life ... so we stay far away from those now, ha! We are getting ready to go to the rodeo this next weekend to see all the stinky animals and wear our new rodeo outfit I made her (surprising, I know)! Our biggest news this past weekend was that Maddy stayed in the church nursery for the first time ever! I know - it was only an hour ... but she's never stayed with anyone besides grandparents etc. I think it was harder on Mommy than Maddy! She did GREAT! Here's a few pics from this month...

Rolling right along ... month by month ...

Mimi and Maddy @ church

Madison about to go to the nursery ... thinking "do I like this idea?"

Picking her up from the nursery ... she already made a friend :-)

Daddy & Maddy

Walking around the edges of my play area ... I've become m-o-b-i-l-e!

I LOVE cabinet knobs and banging them open and shut ... even with safet locks...bad habit :(

First time I fell asleep on my own in the stroller ... shopping is exhausting!

Practicing standing on my OWN

walk - walk - walk!

Being cute, what I do best.

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