Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm going to POP!

This has to be the LONGEST month of my life. I have had a wonderful pregnancy, but now it's just uncomfortable and she needs to come OUT! My doctor said she has completely dropped and I am starting to dilate. As of now, she already weighs 5 pounds, 13 oz. At this rate, going full term is going to produce a big girl! I go back to the dotor on Thursday and we'll see how much she's progressed. We'll keep you updated :-)

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RamosFamilyBlog said...

Be PATIENT!!! Babies come when they are ready!!! Don't worry about her'll be fine! Just remember Tiffany had 10 pound baby boys and did great!

Remember women's bodies were made to have can do this! :-))
Hang in there!!

btw...i like that shot you took...very cute belly!