Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Getting Ready For Christmas!

Terrible, I know ... I haven't updated this since Halloween.... Probably because every spare minute I get I've been trying to rest :) That doesn't happen often with an active "almost" 3 year old! Anyway, we have been busy the last few weeks getting ready for our last Christmas as a family of 3! Madison is doing great and is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby Maddox. We'll see if she feels the same way after he's here in a couple weeks! Lately, she has really started to talk well (longer phrases / small sentences). I think her going to preschool MDO has really helped her. She LOVES school! When I pick her up she always tells me "I fun kool ... go again!" If only she could go more than 2 days a week ... we would ALL benefit from that LOL!!!
Here's a few pictures from the last month or so. We enjoyed Thanksgiving in Victoria with Chad's family. Hopefully we will be able to post pics soon after Christmas and when Maddox arrives. Most of you already know that he will be here soon. I am still going to the doctor weekly, but if nothing progresses within the next 2 weeks, I will be induced on December 27th. Please pray for a smooth delivery and most of all for Maddox to come out healthy! We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year :)

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