Monday, February 21, 2011

Valentine's Week!

Of course we celebrated Valentine's Day alllll week long :) Madison had a little party at her pre-school and we dressed up all week! She definately knows when we are taking a picture, as the word "cheeeeeese" is a recent addition to her vocabulary! She's trying to say new words everyday so we're getting very very close to talking for real ... I'm ready because I'm tired of guessing what she wants, ha! Today we went to the mall and she had a ball playing in the kids play area. We've never gone there, but since it was a weekday it was nice since it wasn't crowded. She was skeptical at first, but had a great time :) I don't like our President, but I sure do like the day off from work!!! Anyway, we are now getting ready for the rodeo next ... and Spring Break - wooooo hoooooo!

Yes, her horse is at the table having tea too!

Miss Lefty ... guess she got this from both of her great-grandmothers!

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