Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ready For Christmas!

I can't believe our little munchkin is approaching her 2nd birthday in a couple months ... craziness! Moreover ... I can't believe Christmas is in a week 1/2 .... I am SO not prepared, oh well !!! Here's a few recent pics from this month (some are small since they were transferred from my phone for some reason?) Madison is Miss Little Personality all the sudden! She is trying to talk so hard. So far, she can say "tree, juice, mama, mimi, dada, thank you and please." She definately understands everything though. We are definately trying to "immitate" everything too ... putting her diapers on her babies, rubbing lotion on her hands, cooking in her little kitchen etc... too cute! We are glad we're finally all moved in and settled. Hopefully this Christmas, since we're not traveling, we can just relax and enjoy doing nothing! We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!!!

Hmmm... turned into a family pic almost, lovely.

So NOT happy :)

I love my rocking chair!


Silly girl

Yes, we've been attempting to open presents a little early...

Happy girl


Feeding baby

Eating bananas at HEB, yum!

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