Friday, March 26, 2010

Almost 14 months and MOBILE!!!

Little Miss Maddy is almost 14 months old!!! She's been trying to walk for about 3 weeks now and has about got it all down! Finally, she has gotten up enough self-confidence to "let go" on her own, rather than us holding her hand and then us letting her go. Talk about major "re-baby-proofing!" She is into EVERYTHING! Anyway, we are proud of her and she looks so cute walking ... like a tiny penguin waddling across the room! I put a short video at the end....

Mommy has been busy too --- between chasing little one on the run! I have finally opened up my own little baby accessory shop online! Maybe one day I'll have a real shop, but this is a starting point! I've had so much fun creating things and dressing up Maddy over the past 13 months, so I decided to branch out! My direct website is Anyway, hope everyone is doing well and I'll post some new pics after Easter!!!

In my BIG-GIRL bathtub!!!

Happy showing off my 7 teeth!

On the run!

Giving some l-o-v-e

Look what I can do!

My new favorite thing is to pet Abby ... so far Abby's OK with it ....

Eating ICE CREAM on mommy's birthday - yummmmmm

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Kristie said...

Wow, what a big girl. She is so cute Katrina. That is awesome your on ETSY.COM. I love the site. I haven't bought anything yet. I will definitly keep your shop in mind when I am browsing even though I don't have a cute little girl to buy anything for. Maybe one day. LOL.