Saturday, October 3, 2009

8 months old!!!

Madison is growing FAST!!! She is watching our every move and is very aware of her surroundings (like mommy walking out of the room!) She is much more interested in standing up and rolling over rather than crawling for sure! We are STILL working on sleeping through the night ... unless it's a lost cause, ha! We have a good eater on our hands ... she is more interested most days in eating real food rather than milk ... which we have the "rolls" to prove it, LOL! Maddy cut her FIRST TOOTH on the bottom center about a week ago .... how many more to go??? ugh. This has been a busy month ... we celebrated Mimi's and Grandad's birthday and are getting ready for Halloween! Overall, she is doing wonderful and is such a SWEET little angel!!! Hope everyone is doing well.
Another celebration!

Daddy and Maddy

Shopping with mommy ... my favorite part of the day!

Just chillin ...

Great Grandpa Paul and Maddy

Mimi and Maddy

Mommy and Me

I love to pose for pics...

Here's the nose .... She is obsessed with holding on to our nose, mouth or ears for security. What happened to a security blanket???

Great Grandparents

I had to have some of Mimi's birthday cake icing.... shhhhh!

Laughing at my pretend puppy that barks and does flips!

Taking a stroll in my big-girl stroller and I am NOT happy about the situation!
On the table waiting for the doctor .... FUN!
4 generations ... wow

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RamosFamilyBlog said...

I love the one of her in the pink dress...posing for the picture! SO cute:-)