Tuesday, September 1, 2009

7 months old!

My little chunker is already 7 months old this week - crazy how time has gone by so fast! Madison is definately keeping mommy busy at home all day long 24/7 ... She is about 20 pounds, eating and napping well (obviously) and on a good schedule all day long. We are STILL working on sleeping through the night before mommy goes insane :( If only there was "Baby Ny-Quil" .... JK. Here's some recent pictures:

Shall we count the rolls?

My new ducky bathtub ... (we're working on not crying and being afraid of the duck ... who would have ever imagined that would happen?) ha

Oh how I wish I could eat this!

Ready for take off .... crawling is in the near future ...

Yummy toes!

Abby giving kisses ....

Such a big girl now ... can sit up for about 30 minutes and play with toys!

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