Thursday, July 16, 2009

Trip to MA to see Baby Tristan

Baby Madison and Baby Tristan got to finally meet for the first time! Tristan is such a cute, sweet boy ... and only about 3 pounds behind Madison ... and is 3 months younger! Madison was EXCELLENT on the plane ride up to NY. We had many nightmares about how she would do on the plane, but she literally slept more than she has ever slept at home or in the car ... I swear I didn't drug her! Where can we fly next??? LOL We had a great visit and the babies were adorable together. There are LOTS of pics due to the fact this is only a yearly visit :( .... until we all live closer one day hopefully!

Just boarded the plane...mommy is nervous

On plane with Mimi & G-pa

Tristan & G-pa

Aunt Katrina & Tristan

Mimi, Krystal & babies

Oh how I would love to get both hands in my mouth!

G-pa Jim & babies


Pajama party in bed

Sleeping in my cool travel box bed!

We love waking Mimi up!

The boys

Smile :)

Mimi & her babies

Oh how I would love to eat his head!

Lookin pretty, but can't sit very lady-like yet!

Mommy Krystal & Tristan Rylee

baby love :)

Too cute together!!!

I LOVE talking to daddy on the phone!!!

Baby T ... happy in the AM!

Aunt K & Baby T

At least one of us is looking @ the camera...

Looking @ g-pa's magazine on the plane ride home

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RamosFamilyBlog said...

So glad you guys got to come! Madison is adorable...she's gonna be a heart breaker!
I hope you guys can come back again soon. :-)