Sunday, July 5, 2009

5 months old

Little Maddy turned 5 months old on Friday, July 3rd - crazy how time goes by SO fast :( She has learned to make the "mmmmmm" sound with her lips together - while grinning, she's found her FEET (especially when sitting in her Bumbo chair), and has really matured in the sense that she has become a better shopper, stroller / carseat rider and can put her self to sleep every once in awhile when really really tired. Overall, she is doing fabulous and gearing up for a busy month! We are leaving Tuesday to fly up north for a week to see Krystal and my new little nephew, Tristan. Not sure how babies and planes mix ... guess we'll find out! Later this month we'll be driving to Abilene for my cousins wedding ... thank God she's starting to like the car better! Here's some pics from this past month...

I like green like mommy .... NOT orange :(

Happy in the morning

Liking tummy time better ... can roll over half way now!

... and there are those things called feet ...

I like to sleep in mommy's bed with my mouth open like daddy!

me and daddy

At my first birthday party with my boyfriend Tye :)

Ready for summer!

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