Saturday, May 2, 2009

3 months old !

Our little princess is already 3 months old!!! Madison is still changing and growing each and every day! She is now around 12 - 13 pounds and is learning to laugh :) (She almost scares herself sometimes when those funny noises come out!) We wish she'd laugh at us all the time ... but staring at really exciting things like the refrigerator or the ceiling fan are absolutely hallarious??? She's a perfect little baby except for not really liking the swing, car, stroller or naps over 30 minutes ... HELP! JK. On the bright side, she is thankfully sleeping 7 hours when she goes to bed at night :-) I'm waiting for that 12 hour strech .... anytime now would be great .... HA

Pretty Eyes :)

Always in a good mood when I wake up!!!

The swing ... Are my 4 1/2 minutes up?

Sign that I'm HUNGRY!

Playing in my gym

Out shopping with mommy!


3 month birthday ... any excuse to celebrate :)
My first mini-skirt ... don't tell dad ...

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