Sunday, February 15, 2009

First Weeks of Life

Madison had a really good first 2 weeks of life :) She is sleeping almost 3 hours at a time and on a pretty good schedule. Amazingly, she can already follow your voice and fingers from side to side with her little eyes and has even begun to pick up her neck by her self! We go to the doctor Tuesday for her 2 week check-up, but we're pretty sure she's already gained the 10 oz. of weight back that she lost the first week. Miss Piggy likes to eat!!!
We're not so fond of bath time :(
Happy ... with a full tummy :)

No more pictures Mom!!!

Getting my beauty sleep

Bonding with my 4-legged sister!

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The Seale's said...

she is a sweetie. when this yucky flu gets out of school a bunch of us should come by to see her after work.