Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nursery ... In Progress!

Well, as I have been getting fatter ... the nursery has been getting prettier! My granddad helped Chad put together the crib a few weeks ago, so after all the major furniture was set up and we confirmed we were having a GIRL (woo hoo!) we got busy painting! Chad spent all weekend painting her room light and hot pink, then dad came over and helped install the chair rails. It all turned out SO pretty!!! We are now waiting on the bedding & curtains to be completed (which takes approx. 4 weeks), the black rocker to be upholstered and "her" name to go over the crib. Thank God we have 9 months to get all of this together! This week I have my follow up ultra-sound at the genetics center on Thursday ... so hopefully I will have even a better picture of her than the last one to share :-)

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Grandmommie Janith said...

Pink rules! We can't pass up the baby department in any store! She'll be the best dressed girl in town!