Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Penley House Update

Well we have accomplished a lot (fruniture, decorating etc.) on the inside of the house since we built it in May '07, but the landscaping that builders put in was c-r-a-p! So, we decided to landscape the front and back since it's Spring time. Chad and dad could probably do it except neither one has time and both of them have jacked-up backs etc ... and I'm not about to get that dirty (JK). So, we mainly planted Magnolia trees in the front and back, seago palms, bushes etc. We will add our own flowers in a couple weeks (I can at least do that!) I did install some cute solar lights all by myself in the front, if I do say so myself :) This was Chad's Anniversary gift .... whether he agrees or not, JK!
BEFORE Back & Front
Backyard Done !
Front Done !

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